La MOMO cover

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Cold temperatures abound in the Guatemalan highlands, home to these sumptuous brushed wool blankets made by local elders from hand-spun and naturally dyed wool on traditional standing looms.

This stunning blanket comes in a contemporary design of undyed cream wool and orange hued stripes.

Dimensions: approximately 145cm x 185cm

Each piece is woven on a standing loom, then taken to local sulphurous hot springs for an intensive felting process that cleans the blankets of oil, dirt and impurities, while resulting in a thicker, stronger piece. After that, the blankets are brushed to release any loose fibers, resulting in a soft, silky piece that doesn't lint and, with the proper care, looks like new for years.

Note : Due to the nature of handcrafting, sizes, designs and shades may vary slightly from the product image shown.